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CertainTeed Hinge Castings

CertainTeed Corporation is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. Headquartered in Paris, France, Saint-Gobain is one of the top 100 industrial companies in the world, and is a leading manufacturer of municipal castings.

A selection of these products - including CertainTeed PAM access covers and gratings - is now available in the United States.

CertainTeed PAM access covers and gratings are producted to exacting specifications iin modern, highly-automated, quality controlled manufacturing facilities. These municipal castings meet U.S. standards and provide the end-user with consistently superior performance in all applications for which the products are designed.

US Standards
In order to conform with U.S. requirements - ASTM A536 and the AASHTO H20 load ratings - a proof load test was performed on the PAM product line by an independent, approved and accredited test house. All products consistently exceeded the necessary requirements.

Manufacturing Standards
All PAM plants are accredited to ISO 9000 manufacturing and design performance standards, ensuring that product quality is consistent for every cover and grating. There are over 6 million PAM units in the ground around the world - compelling evidence of the unsurpassed quality and functionality of these innovative covers, curb units and gratings.

Performace Advantages
The significant performance advantages gained by using the PAM product line result from:

  • The advantages of ductile iron: lighter weight, Strength and durability, predictable mechanical performance, impact resistance, designability, and elasticity
  • Decades of experience manufacturing ductile iron products
  • More than 30 years of expertise in the design of municipal castings
  • Directly assessing the needs of the customer and designing products to meet those challenges

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