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Fabrication Shop

At the QWP facility we fabricated Class 53 Ductile Iron flanged pipe to your exact requirements. Pipe sizes from 3" through 42" are available in lengths up to 19 feet in the following configurations and options:

  • Flange x Flange
  • Flange x MJ
  • Pipe Taps
  • Flange x Plain End
  • Flange x PJ (push joint)
  • Class 250 Flange Pipe
  • Flanges Drilled & Tapped For Studs (for flush mount where)

Located in South Barre, Mass, QWP is a member of the National Association of Pipe Fabricators and has been additionally inspected and classified by Underwriters' Laboratories Inc. as an approved facility to produce flanged pipe meeting ANSI/NSF61 requirements and ANSI/AWWA A21.15/C-115.

In response to the growing need to expand the "Full Service Concept", Quality Water Products now offers pipe fabrication and direct technical support. These services are available at our fabrication facility in South Barre, Mass. The QWP machine shop capabilities are geared specifically to all types of flanged and grooved pipe as well as drilling, tapping, welding and other diverse fabrications. Our fabrication facility is capable of handling a full range of pipe size requirements from 3" to 42".Some of our products, such as the 2 1/2" Service Box Riser and the 2 1/2" Centering Rod Adapter, are recent innovations. Others are redesigned versions of tools that have been in use for years. We improved the way they work and made them tougher by using heavy-duty materials such as Schedule 80 pipe, solid steel stock or ductile iron instead of lightweight tubular steel or cast iron as many companies do. Although our products are made using improved designs and stronger materials they are still competitively priced.

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